If you are young and smart man then let me beware you that even older single women can get attracted to you! Regardless as to why this happens; pay attention to how this happens! Here are five signs which older single women can give you to show that she is interested in you!

1.Finds excuse talking to you: If she is your colleague and directly or indirectly interlinked to your division then you will note that apart from work also she finds excuse to talk to you. She will try to catch up with you on social media websites and will never show but deliberately she will join the same gym where you go. She seeks to be alone with you and therefore wants you to pay attention to the brief periods of interaction.

2.Seek approvals: If you notice then as she becomes your friend officially then to make sure that she does everything what you want in your girl she will start seeking your approval and enquiring about your choices. This assures her that her choice of cosmetics and perfume matches with the desire of young mind and if you appreciate her on something then it is like battle won for her!

3.Start using the phrases you often do: we tend to adopt the phrases of somebody if we like and this is very natural and unplanned! How is it unplanned? It’s because you may not try to use those phrases deliberately in front of the person from whom you have adopted. But she does it for you! She won’t only adopt the phrases but will use in front of you so that you notice! Are you wondering why so? She uses the same vocab to show you that her taste and habits matches with you.

4.Eye contact and body language: It is fairly common medium but older women use the subtle ways to grab your attention. They are matured and thus they know how to play with eyes! There is an adage which says that the things told silently with eyes reaches to the heart directly. If you notice her looking at you till the time you don’t see her then it is wise to understand that she is passing some loving vibes towards you! You will also notice the difference in her body language when she is with you alone and in gathering! May be that will answer everything!

5.Shows a different side when she is around you: She behaves formally in front of everybody but while she is with you she doesn’t act formal and tries to make you feel that she is very comfortable with you. She actually enjoys your company (well! It’s natural in love) but she also wants to show you this so that you may sense her feelings.

You can call it as her insecurity or desire to mingle but you the sensitivity of the heart cannot be measured! While this may be infatuation or real love, you can find out only when you understand this language of love!

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