How to Get a Phone Number from an Older Woman in Public

There can be an incidence that you get attracted towards an older lady in the public. It can happen at grocery store, at shopping mall, while going on a walk or any other public place. In such situations you will just crave for talking to her, but will be worried that how to get her number in the public. Well, don’t take it at heart as you are not alone; it happens with every guy except the few. Though it is not easy to get her phone number in the public, but you can make it happen by keeping in mind just few things.

Every time you see an attractive older lady, lots of questions start running in your mind. These questions create a kind of mental paralysis and the lady passes away within the time you keep on thinking these things. The common questions that every likely guy thinks before asking for a number to an older lady are:

  • If she is committed or not?
  • What people will think about me?
  • Will she slap me in the public?
  • How she will react when I will talk to her?
  • And many others.

These negative thoughts keep on pulling you back from your aim. But, the truth is that there are very less chances of happening something like you are guessing. So, don’t over-think; just talk to her.

One thing that you always need to keep in mind is there are only two possibilities- yes or no. If you get “yes” then it would be great, but if she says “no” then also you are not going to be diminished. So, show some courage and approach her is a very well mannered way. It will take some time when you will do it first, but you will become expert with little practice. Well, it does not mean that you will get the phone number from every woman you want; instead it means that you will get the courage for talking to her in the public.

Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that women give much attention to their appearance. They spend a lot of money and time to have an attractive appearance. The thing to focus is that would they get mad or upset on receiving a compliment on their appearance, for which they might have spent hours and hours? Obviously not! So, the trick is to compliment on her choices or any other aspect of her appearance. Try to compliment on the thing for which she might have worked a lot rather than complimenting on a thing she has no control over.

Moreover, every single woman likes to be approached. And there are more chances of getting her impressed if you are confident enough to approach her in public. So, gather your confidence and make a respectable compliment to her. It will surely work. What you should avoid is complimenting on something physical or sexual. Otherwise it will really irritate her and there will be more chances of your bad thoughts becoming true.